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Conversions Hub is a end-to-end migration platform that helps organizations in reducing conversion effort during migration of data from legacy systems to more modern platforms with focus on risk minimization and reduced conversion costs. Our migration approach involves combining a highly automated approach with a low-cost workforce and tried & tested tools, enabling organizations in realizing greater certainty in their data migration. Conversions Hub provides three essential benefits of faster conversion, lower cost and improved quality.

For Full Policy Conversion

With the need for having ability to introduce new products soon to market, the insurance companies must replace the existing traditional legacy systems with more efficient rule-based policy administration systems. Conversions Hub data mapping and conversion software turns business analysts into programmers allowing them to write very detailed business logic through reusable mapping between source and target data fields necessitated as part of full policy data conversion. These reusable maps can be utilized in converting multiple lines of business in a multi-phased approach. Reduced dependencies and communication paths allow the cycle to complete exceptionally quickly.

For Party Conversion

Conversions Hub provides organizations with the ability to migrate only the party data without migrating the policy information into the target system components, working in conjunction with several source system subject matter experts.

For Distribution Channel Conversion

Conversions Hub software can be utilized to extract the Agency and policy information into target system components, working in conjunction with conversion team experienced in the various Agency systems and in setting up commission rates and processes on the new system. Together, a smooth, repeatable process can be created making the multiple conversions cost-effective, efficient and successful with few post-conversion issues.


Traditional data migration approach often results in cost overshoots as there is a costly co-dependence between BAs and programmers trying to implement a workable conversion system. Our methodology for migration of data from legacy systems to more modern platforms focuses on risk minimization and reducing conversion costs.


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Conversions Hub supports industry leading distribution firms, TPAs and insurance carriers and provides effective state-of-the-art technology solutions designed exclusively for the financial and healthcare industries. Our team of experienced professionals strive to provide a higher level of service and support that our clients can’t get anywhere else.


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